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“The Best Feeling In The World”

“When I first talked to Caren, I was at a place in my life where I had started working on myself but felt stuck. It was afraid to change things too much and to express my full potential. I was afraid to shine. I knew I needed help to keep on evolving towards a truer self, and Being Enough has given me the space and the resources to do so.

Thanks to Caren’s gentle guidance, through collective sessions and deep personal work, I progressively got out of my cocoon, left behind what was keeping me pinned to the ground, connected to my light and my darkness, became accustomed to being just me, and finally allowed my True Self to shine.

Since then, I successfully launched a new branch in my business, had conversations that needed to be had, and aligned my objectives with what I really want. I feel at peace, confident and true to myself. This is the best feeling in the world and, even if I know this is a life path, I trust that I am now equipped to face anything because I am enough, always.”

Anne-Sophie D-C.

“A Path to Freedom”

“Before joining Being Enough, I was stuck — emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically. I had spent the past year dealing with my husband’s cancer and, even after the worst had passed, still found myself unable to move forward. I was listless, unmotivated, full of fear and holding myself back by vague obstacles I couldn’t define. In short, I was overwhelmed and stuck in a deep rut, and I didn’t know how to climb my way out.

All that changed as I adhered to the Being Enough program. I devoted myself to the work, making it a priority because I was so desperate for change and because I trusted Caren’s assurances that if I did what she recommended, I would experience the desired results. And I did.

As the weeks went on, I realized I was, for the most part, feeling more calm, centered and insulated from instant reaction, overreaction and anxiety. My thinking was more clear. I felt hopeful and optimistic again. All this was a huge shift in a short amount of time.

I credit much of that to the meditation technique Caren emphasizes throughout Being Enough. It remains my go-to every week and I now cannot envision my life without it. It instills so much relaxation and focus that helps me to separate the unimportant from the important and aids me in the pursuit of my goals.

Being Enough also helped me claim my right to pleasure and joy of many kinds. This is big for me — really big, and it feels good.

My life once again has exciting momentum as a result of my dedication to Being Enough.

Being Enough is a path to freedom. Caren is a wise, loving, authentic guide who challenges and supports at the same time. I can’t wait to see how she builds Being Enough because I absolutely want to be part of the next iterations of this program.

Kelly T.

“This Kind of Work is Priceless”

“I started a mindfulness routine with Caren during a pretty tumultuous time in my life. My personal business was thriving, but my body and mind were exhausted because of all the work I was doing. I didn’t feel happy. Instead, I was running around town with three different jobs, volunteering and trying to balance my personal network and love life. It was like this continuous spiral of pushing outward and getting nothing in return. I had become very tired and stressed. I felt strain from every part of me — I felt relationships crumbling, professionalism fading and the fear that somehow all my dreams could easily slip out of my hands because I had no control.

Of all the things I’ve learned working with Caren, these three results stand out:

1. Control of my breath — and anxiety. I had trouble with anxiety attacks, especially while driving. Now that I understand that breath is part of me and does not have to overcome me. I can deal with my anxiety attacks with breath and mindfulness.

2. Kindness in communication. My responses come from my center, my true spirit. I am not reactionary; instead, thoughtful before response.

3. Better body awareness and accessing my inner power. I am more aware of how sitting/standing affects my overall body. Mountain Pose is one way that I have connected with my body and the earth. It feels powerful, just by standing in alignment.

I feel like my life is coming together in a powerful way, and I know that what I have learned from Caren will continue to build as I continue to grow. This kind of work is priceless.”

Heidi R.

“I Found That Missing Piece”

“Before I joined Being Enough, I was working my way out of a very hard time emotionally and physically. I had never stopped trying to find answers for my anxiety/depression and had put many self-care regimens into place. I was feeling better, but I still felt something was missing. I found that missing piece with Being Enough.

I have experienced many changes, but the most important were being able to fully express my feelings and then safely releasing what was not serving me anymore. Caren gave me many tools to work through anxiety and negative thinking, including body-mind exercises to relax the body and calm the mind.

I am better able to accept myself for who I am and I now know in my heart that I AM OK! I know that I have the power within in me to live my life fully. I can move through life with a sense of adventure and know that I can do anything that I want to do. It is all within me.”

Lauren W.

The 5 Shifts High-Achieving Women

Make to Overcome Anxiety and

Emotional Overwhelm

(Without Giving Up On Their Big Dreams)

The 5 Shifts High-Achieving Women Make to Overcome Anxiety and Emotional Overwhelm

(Without Giving Up On Their Big Dreams)

The 5 Shifts High-Achieving Women Make to Overcome Anxiety and Emotional Overwhelm

(Without Giving Up On Their Big Dreams)

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