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Caren Baginski

Yoga & MEDITATION Teacher

Hi, I’m Caren.

I empower ambitious and overachieving women to release the negative inner critic that keeps them from feeling good enough.

I work with women who don’t know how to stop overthinking and worrying, and who are stuck in the fear of rejection in their work and relationships… but who are also so ready to choose joy and pleasure over productivity, and regain enthusiasm and self-confidence to bring their big goals to life.

More than a decade ago, I embarked on a journey toward transformation that began with my first yoga class. Now, I get to tell people that I came to yoga because of depression and I came out of depression because of yoga.

But that’s only a small part of my story.

My yoga and meditation practice shifted my perspective, retrained my brain and completely changed my life’s path – including my career.

Growing up, I knew I wanted to be a writer. That led me to a career in digital journalism and social media strategy in the health, wellness and lifestyle industry.

I was an overachiever in high-stress environments, constantly striving toward perfection and becoming my “best self,” which led to massive burn out and reevaluating what mattered to me.

So I took a leap, became an entrepreneur as a yoga and meditation teacher, and got the help I needed to finally overcome my struggle with feeling like I was never good enough.

I’ve now taught and coached thousands of people — in person and online — to grow their capacity to hold the fullness of life. That means the light and the dark.

Because the truth is, life can change at any moment, but what you can do is guide yourself to respond with more trust, ease and joy.

When you learn how to consistently live from your heart, rather than just your head, you’ll embody the confidence, creativity and clarity you need to bring your big dreams and goals to life.

I believe that the events of our life aren’t happening to us. They’re happening for us. Everything has within it the seed for growth and personal evolution.

I believe that you are whole and perfect and there is nothing wrong with you.

My job as a coach and teacher is to help you realize that for yourself so you can break free from anxiety, self-doubt and fear that’s holding you back from your big goals.

If you want to learn how to do this, watch my free Video Masterclass →

The 5 Shifts Sensitive, High-Achieving Women Make to Overcome Self-Criticism & Fear of Failure

(While Pursuing Their Big Goals With Confidence)

The 5 Shifts High-Achieving Women Make to Overcome Anxiety and Emotional Overwhelm

(Without Giving Up On Their Big Dreams)

The 5 Shifts High-Achieving Women Make to Overcome Anxiety and Emotional Overwhelm

(Without Giving Up On Their Big Dreams)

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